Got tires that need to be installed on to your existing rims? Lets us treat your vehicle like our own and take pride in making sure your are  safe on the road . Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that you ready to tackle any road condition.  


Life has changed over this past year, we are here to help! Imagine not having to leave your house for installation of you new tires! Well, this is now possible! Our fully equipped truck will meet you at your place of business or home and work on your tires, while you go about your day!


As your tire wears, the balance can be thrown off. This can lead to a shaky ride and dis comfort. We recommend that you preform a rotation and balance of your tires every 10,000 km. This will ensure a smooth driving experience and even wear on all your tires.


Have two different sets of rims and tires? Let us install them for you. We will carefully inspect your tires and rims before putting them on to ensure you are safe on the road. The tires will be inflated  and torqued as per vehicle specifications. Don't forget to come back for a re torque of the nuts after 200 km.


Space saving made easy! With this service you can keep your car clean from those dirty tires and create extra space in your home! We offer some of the most competitive prices in Toronto for this service and carefully inspect every tire that is stored at our facitilty.


Nails do not discriminate when choosing a vehicle or tire to puncture. So whether you have a sports car or a mini van, we are here to help. 

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